Join table name in "Create Inverse Attribute " dialog

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When creating a m2m attribute , stuido will show a “Create Inverse Attribute” dialog for creating inverse attribute .

In my case , the generated join talbe name by Studio is too long for Oracle DB , but I can’t change the join table name through the dialog directly . I have to stop creating the attribute by the dialog .
I think allowing change join table name will be better.

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Could you please provide more details to reproduce the issue?

I’ve tried to create such M2M relation with long join table and join columns names and didn’t face the issue.
The validation doesn’t allow to proceed to inverse attribute creation, as you need to fix long join table name in the initial attribute creation dialog. When you have join table name meeting requirements then it is used for inverse attribute creation and it can’t be modified. This does have sense as we need both attributes have the same join table name.