JRebel hot deploy issue

Dear team,
I’m trying to use jmix with jrebel as I want to hot deploy modifications to bean. I saw jrebel reload my changed class and I can see Screen use the latest bean. However after I close screen and reopen I got error like :

DevelopmentException: Unable to find an instance of type ‘class io.cooli.test_jrebel.app.TestBean’ named ‘testBean’ for instance of ‘io.cooli.test_jrebel.screen.user.UserBrowse’

even if I reload screen class by jrebel I still get the same error.
Do you have any ideas about this?

Thanks for your time


It might be a Jmix hot deploy mechanism that conflicts with JRebel.
To disable it you need to add the following settings to the project tag of the jmix-studio.xml file in the project root:

  <component name="JmixPluginProjectSettings">
    <option name="isHotDeploy" value="false" />
    <option name="hotDeployCompiledClasses" value="false" />

Both screen and bean can be reloaded corrected!! Thanks a lot!!