JsComponent In JMIX

I had a question about using the JsComponent in JMIX? It seems to be missing from the JMIX container documentation list. However it does appear in the studio plugin for IntellJ. The CUBA documentation i wasn’t sure applied to JMIX as it talks about creating a web module. Wondering if there will still be support to plugin in javascript components into JMIX.

Additionally my specific use case is to add in video-js onto a screen and was wondering if this was the best way to go about it.

The Jmix documentation is not completely ready, you can work with components according to CUBA documentation.

You may use JsComponent to add in video-js onto a screen.


@mjohnston, there is an sample on the demo page:

I was able to setup the js connector following the sample. You can put the connector js file under src/main/resources/VAADIN/