Kiosk-like screen authentication and authorization

I have a quite special demand. I’d like to implement a kiosk-like screen (K), which shall display data of another screen (A). Screen A is operating as a regular user. Screen K shows data handled in screen A on certain events happening on screen A.

The machine showing screen K is a fix device without user interaction - no keyboard, no mouse - just a display showing a fix page in its browser. It might be authenticated by configuration (probably an IP address).

I had a couple of thoughts how to do but still am unsure what’s the best way.

  • Even if I don’t publish the URL of screen K, it should not (better must not) be able to display by other devices
  • The device showing the mirror screen can not have user interaction. On starting up the device, it should display the screen (K). We might configure the URL as start page and make it open the browser on start up - that’s not a Jmix related task.

I thought about implementing the K-screen as non-Backoffice UI screen using the Rest-API. This would require a little more work and I would have to poll for changes, which might produce an unwanted delay.

If screen K becomes implemented as a Backoffice UI screen I could take advantage of listening events triggered by the A-screen, and even events fired by other actions.

I might use (kind of) a system authentication as the user authenticated for screen A.

I hope, you can give some advice.