Little studio annoyances / bugs


(1) When I inject a component, the cursor is not correctly placed at the end of the inserted variable. (kotlin)
(2) The “Message key id” in the fix message dialog is broken. Only the first letter is inserted, but you can correct it manually.
(3) The “fix message” in the XML descriptor will remove the “msg://” in the label if you use it.

See videos in the zip. I wanted to insert the screencasts directly, but the forum won’t let me upload mp4 files, so here they are zipped: (530.8 KB)

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Thank you for highlighting those problems, a ticket was created based off of one of your issiues(3).

However, we are having some troubles with reproducing issues №(1) and №(2).
Could you pease share your full environment and jmix plugin/ versions you were using?

OR - having a simple demo (in zip archve) of your test project containing those errors would help us a lot with figuring out the rootcause. So please, consider sharing it with us if possible.

@k.endovitskii Thanks for your answer, here is the project: (79.2 KB)

I’ll share with you the environment per DM.

Hello again.
Thank you for providing the demo.
We managed to reproduce the rest of the issues you’ve mentioned and created 2 more tickets (cursor placement, message key id problem) to address those problems.
Thank you once again.

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