Localized data in Jmix

I want to start new multi-language application, i want to knew if Jmix has any way to support localized data, i knew that JPA also doesn’t provide any standard way.

Jmix offers localization of static messages.

There are no features out-of-the-box to provide localization of data. Depending on your requirements, you can do it based on referenced entities, embeddable entities, or even by storing a JSON in text fields. All these options have their pros and cons.

Thanks Konstatin,

I don’t have any special requirement else having the possibility to have localized fields without need to change code if there is new language. There is many possibility to implements this feature, but with custom solution many out-of-the-box features in Jmix will be lost (generted ui, filter, …)

I see. But still, there is no such thing as “transparent multi-language data support” in Jmix. If you need to add languages dynamically, perhaps a scheme with referenced “Messages” entity will work better. At least you will be able to use sorting, generic filter, entity log. But UI will need some custom coding.