lookupFields in CUBA changed to non-working comboBoxes in Jmix -?

So, we have a ton of lookupFields in our CUBA app. Upon migration, they were turned into comboBoxes and do not work.

An example:


<lookupField id="genderField" property="gender" caption="Gender" 
optionsContainer="gendersDc" dataContainer="patientDc"/>

was turned into:

<comboBox id="genderField" property="gender" caption="Gender" 
dataContainer="gendersDc" dataContainer="patientDc"/>

Which has 2 problems - 1. obviously, you can’t have 2 dataContainers so there’s an exception. And 2. There seems to be no optionsContainer property on a comboBox so how do we specify where it gets its choices from?

I also had the same question and you can have a look here.

Ha, thank you. I replied over there.

This case is already fixed. The latest Jmix Studio replaces lookupField with entityComboBox and doesn’t rename optionsContainer attribute.