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In Maps, Drawing Geometry… How draw a circle ?

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Hi, @gregonzalezg

Could you please clarify, whether you mean interactive drawing a circle on a map or simply adding it to a map programmatically? If the first, then unfortunately the addon currently doesn’t provide means for drawing circles. But if you want to add it programmatically, you can access the internal Leaflet component and add a circle on it. Here is an example:

import io.jmix.mapsui.widget.leaflet.LCircle;
import io.jmix.mapsui.widget.leaflet.LMap;

LMap leafletMap = geoMap.unwrap(LMap.class);
LCircle lCircle = new LCircle(55.78404, 54.06897, 1000);


Thank Gleb for answer.
Yes, it the first.
The example is the solution for my case.