Migrate from a legacy system

I need to migrate from a legacy system to jmix.
I have at least 800 tables (postgres database).
What would be the best approach based on your experiences?

Try reverse engineering by Jmix Studio:

  • Create an additional data store for your legacy database.
  • Right-click on the new data store and select “Generate Data Model”

Studio will generate entities and browser/editor screens for your tables.

Hi Konstantin
This also my question as I have a project similar in size (about 1100 tables). This looks like a robust approach.

I have a few questions:

  • How it will work for screen controllers and the customized design of my screens (layout changed manually after CUBA studio generated)
  • Business logics (listeners, services etc.)
  • If I make any changes to the tables, I suppose I have to use CUBA studio to do that, right? Then make the necessary changes in CUBA or JMIX for the screen, controller, listeners etc.?

Hi Mortoza
I suppose you are talking about migration from CUBA to Jmix. That’s a different story. I thought @gregonzalezg meant creating a new Jmix app for a legacy database.

Using reverse engineering for migrating from CUBA to Jmix seems like a too radical approach - you will loose all customization and logic, only entities and CRUD screens will be generated. As you probably know, we provide a better solution: Migration from CUBA Platform

Ok, thanks for clarifying. I thought if this is alternative way… but yes, I tried the migration process, will consider migrating when jmix is more stabilized.