Migration from Cuba-Platform application components

Learning about JMIX I discovered the template feature for new projects and the Single Module Add-On one:
addon template

How does Application Component concept from Cuba Platform has evolved in JMIX? Is it still remain in JMIX?.. I didn’t find any reference about it in JMIX documentation.

How would be the best strategy for migrating Cuba-Platform projects that include several application components? …and, in my case, application components that the only functionality they have is mapping legacy application tables of the same functional module for reusing data selector forms, CRUD operations and establishing association between entities from other new developed applications.

Thanks in advance.

HI @xavier,

you are right, the “Single Module Add-on” is the equivalent of a CUBA platform application component. It follows the same idea of a CUBA addon and is, in the same way, composable to create an app that consists of multiple application components.

All the existing Jmix addons that you find in the marketplace are publicly available addons exactly how it was for CUBA platform.

For the migration scenario, I guess you have to migrate your app components first and then migrate the resulting application. I’m not sure if this Studio migration wizard also works for CUBA addons. If not, you can just create a new addon in Jmix and do the copy & paste yourself.


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