New add-ons and features

In 2022, we have ambitious plans to expand our add-ons marketplace, and we ask you to share your experience and expectations, thereby supporting our initiatives to develop the platform.

What new add-on features, integrations, and out-of-the-box solutions are the most interesting for you? You can choose from the list or reply to this topic and suggest your own ideas.

  • Google workspace integration
  • Office 365 integration
  • Agile boards
  • SMS and messengers communications
  • Messenger-based chat bots
  • Interactive voice response/call center
  • Online payments
  • Phone number, email, and postal address verification
  • Suggest in comments

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The decisions like this require some comprehensive market research and deliberation that I will not go into the depth of, but I would like to share some thoughts.

During my research for the tools to use, I have encountered Haulmont CUBA, and they matched my key requirements, which was the license type that is not restrictive regarding the client numbers, source code availability, BPM, and a fantastic balance between the low-code and ability to customize.
Later I also learned that Haulmont commercial support is also fantastic. For the future, I hope that the licensing model stays the same, and the ability to customize.
Looks like low-code and no-code solutions are on the rise, considering that Haulmont may be looking up to create such a platform. From that perspective, all the mentioned add-on proposals are required, but in some good order of ap[appearance, towards that goal.

  1. Agile Boards/CI/CD
  • nice to have for sure, one must be cautious as there are many such tools around, in order not to waste developer resources on something that already exists. JetBrains have such tools, maybe to integrate it with CUBA, or if you have something you use internally but it’s good, why not - I will ofc be happy to have the choice.
  1. Google workspace/MS Office
    Yes, needed.

  2. SMS and messengers integration/bots
    Yes, that is needed, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord … to name a few. There’s an obvious choice to just have integration add-ons, or an add-on that’s itself some sort of service itself, maybe Matrix based. But MS Teams and such integrations would be nice. Then if you have that, the next thing nice to have is a bot.

  3. Online payments
    Absolutely needed, but the devil is in the details, will it be tied to just one service that may be unfavorable financially in respect to others, or some more universal add-on which is more preferable.

  4. Call Center
    Once you have add-ons mentioned above, especially SMS and messengers, that is the next step because you would like your offer to be multi-channel. You already have an IMAP integration.
    I will definitely be willing to look into such product.

  5. Phone/email and postal code verification
    That’s nice to have, although not instrumental - there are many such services around so its again about the costs.

Considering 6 , I would propose then to look into creating some visual REST builder, which would be more universal and useful.

Kind regards,


Hello Mladen,

It is very kind of you to share your experience and expectations of the platform. We want to make the platform more and more comfortable and suitable for your and other customers’ needs.
There are some ideas we are working on at the moment, and your opinion is very valuable for us to decide what to work on first.

Thank you so much for your detailed reply.

All the best,