OpenAPI failure

Hello Jmix team,

I’m trying to generate OpenAPI 3.0 specification using springdoc-openapi-ui dependency as described here

I created a brand new project and installed the REST API addon.

Unfortunately after I add the dependency
implementation ‘org.springdoc:springdoc-openapi-ui:1.6.4’
I start getting circular dependencies and application does not run.

Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application with ‘debug’ enabled.
2022-01-10 15:36:36.646 ERROR 17356 — [ main] o.s.b.d.LoggingFailureAnalysisReporter :



The dependencies of some of the beans in the application context form a cycle:

| (field private


Relying upon circular references is discouraged and they are prohibited by default. Update your application to remove the dependency cycle between beans. As a last resort, it may be possible to break the cycle automatically by setting spring.main.allow-circular-references to true.

Is Jmix compatible with this library?