Pagination inside buttonsPanel -> alignment


want to to replace the simple_pagination with a pagination inside the buttonsPanel of a table.
The buttons should be on the left side and the pagination should stay on the right side
like the simplePagination does.

I cannot figure out how to do that.
The pagination works fine inside the buttonsPanel, but whatever I tried, I cannot get it aligned
to the right, like the simplePagination.

Any idea?



ButtonPanel layout is based on FlowBoxLayout, so the alignment of components does not work like in HBox or VBox.
You can place HBox to the ButtonsPanel and configure the view, e.g.:

<buttonsPanel id="buttonsPanel" width="100%" alwaysVisible="true">
    <hbox width="100%" spacing="true" expand="spacer">
        <button id="createBtn" action="table.create"/>
        <label id="spacer"/>
        <pagination id="simplePagination">
            <loaderProvider loaderId="entityDl"/>

But it’s not a responsive solution. While resizing browser tab components won’t be wrapped.

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Hi Roman,

thx for the help.
I tried a similar thing but it did not work.
Also with your solution it looks like this:


I added a nowrap style to the pagination… no it works.

so, together with the solution from Roman it works fine for me