Please elaborate on future of jmix platform in light of sanctions on RU

Hi guys, can you please elaborate on future of jmix now in light of what’s going on with RU enterprise sphere / Sber, sanctions etc…? No politics, pure practical discussion. This topic needs to be addressed and wider community deserves to know :pray:

We have delivered couple of projects on cuba/jmix. Jmix was, until recently, at the very top of the list of possible stacks for a major business application that we are about to deliver. We must clear and address couple of corporate governance questions:

  • Sberbank - what exactly is Haulmont’s connection to Sber - 100% subsidiary / control/non-control stake?
  • Github - what will be your strategy should MS/Github disconnect sanctioned bodies/projects from their services, will there be a public repo with source code of all components? Will you be accepting pull-requests? Who will be in control?
  • Team - Do you consider moving the core jmix team out of RU and/or somehow severing ties with sanctioned entities?
  • Your commitment to opensource - will all (core and non-core) components remain opensource and will you be working with global community
  • Continuity - is there anything you might elaborate on your commitment to the roadmap and future of jmix?

Thank you.

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Hi Julius,

This is sad times and valid concerns. Let me try to answer:

First of all, Jmix is distributed by a British company Haulmont Technology Limited everywhere in the world except Russia. Haulmont Technology has a contract with a Russian partner company managing our development offices, but otherwise it is completely independent. Also, we will likely move part of the Jmix team outside of Russia in the short term to ensure uninterrupted support of all Jmix customers.

Neither Haulmont nor its Russian partner have control or ownership relations with Sber or any other Russian entity. The Russian partner is providing Sber development services under a commercial contract, which does not violate any sanctions to date.

With this in mind, there are no grounds for GitHub to disconnect our projects. In any scenario, we are committed to keeping Jmix open source and publicly available as it is now.

We are also fully committed to the roadmap and long-term future of Jmix and this is not affected. We are investing in global sales and marketing as well as R&D and we hope to see Jmix customer base grow.

Meanwhile, Haulmont Technology is considering further legal and organizational steps to guarantee uninterrupted services to all our customers. We are a 500+ staff development house with a global customer base and we have sufficient resources to manage this situation.

I hope this helps, but feel free to ask more questions and I will try to elaborate.

P.S. I appreciate your support and the “no politics” approach! This is so much needed these days.


Thank you Andrey, your reply is very appreciated. I understand Haulmont’s situation is a bit more complicated than JetBrainses but still, as an example of integrity and clarity I offer their stance, see here JetBrains’ Statement on Ukraine | JetBrains News

I hope you will be able to voice a similar message demonstrating your ethics and integrity soon. Courage & peace to all.

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Hi Julius,
Like you suggested, I would prefer the “no politics” approach here. We’ve seen JB statement and yes we are in a different situation. We have stated what we feel right on Haulmont’s Russian social media.
Thank you!


@ag1 could you post a link to the post?

Sure. Redirecting...

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Hi Pedro.
We think that it is more important to raise the voice inside of Russia, than outside.
It is very easy to be vocal when you have no ties to Russia or when it is a couple percent fo your business. But it is way more impactful when people/companies inside speak up.

Let me however translate the most important bit of the company’s Russian post I shared above:
“We believe that what is happening is totally unacceptable. The price of the conflict is too high. First of all, it is human lifes.” If you like, you can use google translate to get the full message.

If you are interested in my personal convictions, please refer to this post. It has english version at the bottom of the text.
I hope this answers your questions.


Thank you Pedro. We all hope this will end as soon as possible.