Printing or saving Jmix documentation

The CUBA developer’s manual had a “single-page version” which made it easy to print sections of the documentation with minimal waste of paper.

Is there any way to print or save a PDF of the Jmix documentation without having to navigate to each separate page? If not, could a single-page option be added?

We use Antora for building Jmix docs, and unfortunately it doesn’t provide any options for generating a single PDF or HTML document.

If you need the docs for offline reading, use a website downloader, for example HTTrack - it can perfectly copy all the docs to your local folder.


Thanks for the response. My need is mostly printing; it’s convenient to annotate printed documentation just as I would with a book. If Antora ever adds that feature, hopefully it can be included in the Jmix documentation.

It is on the roadmap, here is the issue:

If you want to get into a rabbit hole, the linked issue has some info on an extension to generate PDF. Given that Jmix docs are on Github you could clone the repo and try to generate the PDF yourself.