Project Folder contains all disc

I could not get my project to run properly after going from 0.9 to 1.0.0, so I decided to just make a new project and bring all the entities over. It works fine and the application runs without a problem but in IntelliJ, the Project Folder now contains my disc drive and that is very inconvenient.

I made a small clip with the main error.

any ideas on how to keep only the pertinent files on the Project Folder in the IDE?

I would suggest - when you need to open the project, select the build.gradle file in the project folder, instead of the folder.

thank you for the feedback
,but how do i open the buld.gradle?
I am using IntelliJ and that file does not appear to be a valid option

I open it by using main menu:
File -> Open -> Select build.gradle file -> Open as Project.

Also note that Gradle plugin should be enabled in the IDE.