Projector with Jmix

Dear team,
I’m trying to use Jmix with JetBrains IDEA and Projector. I have encountered two issues

  1. Currently, project only support 2020.x, however jmix plugin 1.0 needs 2021. Could you please add support to 2020?
  2. Project doesn’t support JCEF now, and they don’t even have a plan… Is it possible to use UI designer without JCEF support?

Thanks for your time


Hi Greg,

Unfortunately, we have no plans to support older versions of IntelliJ, because it requires significant continuous efforts.
Also, the WYSIWYG UI designer is web-based, hence requires JCEF provided by IJ to run. However, we could make the other parts of the designer (Component Inspector and other panels) work without the canvas if JCEF is not available. It will make sense when Projector is updated to the latest versions of IJ.


Thanks a lot. Your reply is perfect for me.