Query parameter not found while run report

With the report create wizard I created a report to generate an excel report. So far so good, its a list of entities with a query. The query looks so far normal,

where (e.workday<= :enddate and e.workday>= :startdate)

The parameter enddate and startdate I defined as parameters in the “parameters and formats”-Tab. When I run the report I got a dialog box asking me for parameters. But as soon as I set the values and Run the report I got an error message:

"An error occurred while loading data for data set [Dataset]
Query argument enddate not found in the list of parameters provided during query execution."

I could not find what is wrong, somehow the parameters could not get detected while execution of the query, any ideas or hint?

Thank you very much


You should define parameters in the query in the following form: ${enddate}, ${startdate}.

See examples in the docs.