Rather vague line in MigrationResult.md after CUBA conversion

So I’ve run the automatic migration/conversion from CUBA for our app. In the MigrationResult.md there is a rather vague line, in the “What needs to be done manually” section:

Fix screen descriptors.

Any insight on what type of “fix” they will need and which one(s)? That would be awfully helpful since there are dozens (perhaps over 100) of them…

Please don’t expect the automatic migration procedure will produce a valid Jmix project for any original CUBA one. It just copies your sources to the new structure and does its best in converting imports, classes and XML. Only very simple projects do not require manual fixes.

The phrase means that there is no guarantee that your XML descriptors are valid. You have to open each of your screen descriptors and look for IDE warnings - you will see them in red.