React Frontend module

Hello team,

I’m trying to add the React Frontend UI in my project but the menu option to start this React client and add pages is not visible in Inntellij Ultimate 2022.1.4 (Trial Version) with JMix 1.3.1 pluggin version.

The image below are the options that I have:


In this link: Getting Started with React Client :: Jmix Frontend UI Manual
it’s JMix tutorial to create the Frontend module. But it’s diferent than mine. The image below is the options presented in the tutorial:


So, my question is:

  1. Is it a problem of versios?
  2. or its disabled on the IntelliJ Ultimate 2022.1.4 - Trial version?

I’d like to try JMix first before moving from CUBA and before buying IJ license. And that´s one of my issues avoiding me to migrate. I have a individual license of CUBA/Jmix and it’s configured in IJ.


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Jmix doesn’t provide any tooling and full support of React client for new projects. Only a limited support for React UI for projects migrated from CUBA. Migration instructions are here. We will mark the document you’re referring to (Jmix Frontend UI Manual) as deprecated.

There was a discussion about frontend module here.