React FrontEnd Setup

I am trying to set up the react Frontend in my Jmix application but am encountering the following error
“Error: Unknown mappingType: EMBEDDED” each time I run the app.

IDE: 2021.3 Ultimate Edition
Jmix version: 1.1.1
Jdk: 11/8

What React frontend are you trying to set up?
Please be aware that we support only React frontend v0.9 designed for applications migrated from CUBA.
See more details at Jmix modules support status


@krivopustov Thanks for your response. I was trying to set up a react client in a new Jmix application. After several iterations, I was able to get the react client up. However, each time I select the option to create a new Frontend component I get the attached image. I use nvm to manage my node versions.

IDE:IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 (Ultimate Edition)
NVM: 1.1.7
Node: 16.13.1
JDK: 1.8
Jmix: 1.1.3-213
GraphQL: 3.0.0
Front Generator: 2.0.0-next.14