Refresh compilation


I am using the latest IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 together with the latest Jmix framework and studio plugin. I am not able to see the changes I am making to the screens. Looking into the build directory, no class files are generated. Also I realised there are some old stuff in the directory .jmix. Cleaning up that directory helped to refresh some changes I made to the code, but still the whole compilation and deployment seems unstable.

I also reinstalled the plugin which fixed the issue, but then after some iterations of running the application the problem reappeared.

Any idea how I can fix the problem?

Thanks, Samy

Hi, a ticket has been created for your question.
P.S. Try the following steps for stable operation:

  1. On your computer in the directory C:\Users\ [User] remove folders: .haulmont, .m2
  2. On your computer in the directory C:\Users\ [User]\ .gradle\caches remove folder: modules-2
    After this operation, I did not have a problem
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