Refresh data in CUBA screen

I need help for the follow situation:

  • I open the browse screen A with the table T_A;
  • From the table T_A, after I click on a row, programatically I open the browse screen B with the table T_B inside;
  • Clicking on a row of T_B I open the edit screen C and here I change a value shown also in the previous T_B table.

When I close the edit screen C, the table T_B in the previous browse screen B is refreshed.
I want to know how can I refresh also the table T_A when I go back to the screen A.

Thanks in advance

I solved using:

addAfterCloseListener(afterCloseEvent -> {

I am also have similar requirement to do. How are you accessing T_A Object in child screen. For now I implemented as below.
public void onAfterClose(AfterCloseEvent event) {
Screen cardBrowser = screens.getOpenedScreens().getActiveScreens().stream().findFirst().get();
if (cardBrowser instanceof CardBrowse) {