Report Addon is not generating any screens after installation

I just installed the Report Addon into my project but there is no menu or screen generated as shown in the documentation Getting Started with Reports :: Jmix Documentation. please do i do that manually or i will have to reinstall the addon?

Hi @paakofiaidoo17
Please check your build.gradle file in your project for related dependencies:
implementation("io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-starter") implementation("io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-ui-starter")
should be there after Reports add-on installation.
And then when you run Jmix app first time after the installation, related Liquibase scripts (3 read-only changelogs) will be generated automatically. Execute and proceed.

After all that steps Reports screens and menu items should be added in your project. You can see Reports menu when you log in as user with Full access role.


All the dependencies were there after the installation but it was no showing when I run the app. i had to add it to my menu manually before I saw the screens,
<item screen="report_Report.browse" caption="Report"/>

Hi @paakofiaidoo17,

It’s unexpected behavior, Reports menu should appear automatically.
What Jmix version and Jmix studio version do you use? I’ll try to reproduce the issue.
Do you add the addon from Jmix plugin or through Jmix site?


Hi @y.konyashkina,
I am using jmix { bomVersion = '1.2.4' }
and my plugin is at 1.2.3-212.
I added the addon from Jmix plugin

Hi @paakofiaidoo17

Unfortunately, we’re unable to reproduce the issue.
Could you please create a new small test project with the add-on, check that Reports aren’t shown in main menu, and attach the project here?


HI @y.konyashkina,
Okay will do. Thank you.

Add-on’s menu items may be absent in the application menu if it is in the “Single mode”, see the docs. The mode is defined by the jmix.ui.composite-menu property.