Report from fields edited with richTextArea component

Thanks for releasing the v1.0. I am eager to migrate my projects to Jmix from CUBA ASAP. Presently learning how it works and also going to try new features.

In my test project I have customer and customer address. In the Editor screen, I am using richTextArea component to edit contents and I have to use bullets and formatted texts. However, When have created report, the content is printed like garbage. I am using ${html} format but not working.


As this is a known bug in CUBA, I was expecting this has been fixed in Jmix. Is there any plan to fix this issue soon?

as mentioned in the documentation the “Name” field must contain a band name as well, e.g.

We’ll consider adding a hint for that inside the editor - the issue.

After you add the band name you should get the HTML in the output document, but this HTML may be formatted with some errors. This issue will be fixed in the next YARG release and will probably appear in Jmix 1.1

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Thank you, Maxim, looking forward for the release 1.1