Responsive ui for mobile

Hello, I am new here the demos are not responsive on phone, this platform is focused for desktop only?

Yes, the standard UI is mostly for desktops or tablets.
To make it responsive, you need to use ResponsiveGridLayout or CssLayout containers.

People also often make backend with administrative UI (for desktops) with Jmix and create separate frontend/mobile apps talking to Jmix backend through its generic REST API or custom controllers.


I wonder why isn’t generated code responsive. There must be some good reason but won’t that be helpful?

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What exactly parts of UI would you like to be generated responsive?

Would be nice to have everything responsive, like here:

It is based on the same technology as jmix (vaadin 8)

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Of course whole application. Add-ons are there, it may save a lot of time if generated code is responsive.

We’ll certainly take it into account for the new UI module based on Vaadin 20+, it’s now work in progress.