REST API Fetch plans

Simple question, I’ve started exploring the REST API. The documentation mentions that by default, it only retrieves the direct attributes of the entity. So I created a fetch-plans.xml file per the documentation, but it doesn’t mention where to save that file.
I tried various paths but when I query, I still get the following message:
“error”: “Fetch plan not found”,
“details”: “Fetch plan transaction-with-details for entity BUS_Transaction not found”

the xml file is saved in sr/main/resources. Is it the correct path? Thanks.

Hi Francis,
Good to hear from you again!

The simplest way to create a fetch-plans.xml file is to click Add → Advanced → Fetch Plans Configuration File in Jmix tool window as shown here: Fetch Plan Designer :: Jmix Documentation

Studio will create the file and register it in (which you probably missed):



Thanks for the quick response Konstantin,
By following your steps, I was able to retrieve my entities.