Rest api only Jmix

I want to know if I can use Jmix to create systems like this. If it is possible, how to do.

one - a system based on JMIX only provide rest api only(without UI). Most of the rest api need to user’s token to access.
another - a system based on JMIX provides both rest api and UI.

Both systems connects to the same database.
Both systems can form cluster.

I think the difficult part is to use Jmix to create a system only provides rest api, that is, to create a Jmix system without UI.

Hi ,

I think the documents are good answers for you.
Generic REST
Kubernetes Cluster

Building system without UI is very simple for Jmix, Jmix Studio provides the project template:



Agree with Ray, there is no problem in creating apps without UI.
Just please be aware that “REST Service” template is broken in v.1.2.3 (fixed for the next patch), so if you use it, replace in build.gradle:

implementation project(':core-starter')implementation 'io.jmix.core:jmix-core-starter'

and reload the project.


Solved my another issue that I couldn’t create Rest Server Application in both 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.