Runtime jmixEntity creation?


We would like to create a metadata/masterdata management application. We are evaluating jmix for this reason. I would like to ask you if it is technically possible to create a jmixEntity in runtime, so that rest api, security and roles etc will be available to be used by this new entity.

Usage example: End user will import a table from the database, the table will be immediately available to list the contents and edit the data.

Thanks in advance


Yes, it’s possible to some extent with the help of key-value entities.

You can create arbitrary datasets in memory and show/edit them in standard UI components. However, such entities are not present in common metadata, so you cannot configure access control for them or request through the generic REST API endpoints.

Please look at a similar topic on CUBA Platform forum: How to use a generic data source in a datagrid or table component? - CUBA.Platform
The answer is relevant for Jmix too.


thank you for your answer