Send parameter from menu to Browser screen

Like we use @windowParam in CUBA, I tried to use the same from JMIX menu to a screen but it is not running.

 <item screen="pf_BankCashEntry.browse"
              caption="msg://" id="pf_BankCashEntry.browse">
                <property name="tranSource" value="general"/>

In Controller:

  @WindowParam(name = "tran-source")
    private String tranSource;

I also tried this way:

    private String tranSource;

However, this is returning the null value on the screen.

Is this API still valid or what is the best alternative?


That is a known issue: It will be fixed in one of the bug-fix releases.


It has been several months this issue is not fixed yet in Jmix without which I can’t migrate or develop the application I want to develop in Jmix. Can this be prioritized?

Fixed in 1.3.0 several months ago. See the related issue:

Thank you. But I tried before posting but didn’t work.

Please give us a reproducible case of what is not working.