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Hi All,
I am new to jmix and tried to follow up the samples. All is fine, could setup entities and it worked. However I wanted to control the sidemenu to have a different menu structure and also the menu items which are added automatically by add-ons like “Report” i would like to have more control/assihn roles. How this is possible? In the sampler I could find a way to add “manually” a meu item but how i can call then the screens for the entity? And also the automatically created menu items are still available. Is there any sample project available which may help me out?

Thank you very much,

Hi Hans-Jürgen,

first of all - welcome to the community. Happy to have you here :slight_smile:

Regarding your question: There are basically three options for you.

Since in the official docs, the information is a little scattered, I created an example app here:

Jmix Example: Side Menu Control

This example shows how to control the side menu customizations can be done.

How it looks originally:


Option 1: Resource Roles

By using Resource Role definition, you can show / hide particular menu entries through role definitions.
More information on roles: Resource Roles :: Jmix Documentation.


@ResourceRole(name = "CustomerReadRole", code = "customer-read-role")
public interface CustomerReadRole {
    @EntityAttributePolicy(entityClass = User.class, attributes = "*", action = EntityAttributePolicyAction.MODIFY)
    @EntityPolicy(entityClass = User.class, actions = EntityPolicyAction.ALL)
    void user();

            menuIds = {"Customer.browse"}
            screenIds = {"Customer.browse"})
    void customer();


Option 2: Studio: Single Mode

In this case, you can use the Single-mode mechanism to copy all menu entries from jmix and its addons into your XML file.
Afterward, you can adjust them in any shape you need.


see: menu.xml

    <item screen="Customer.browse"

    <menu id="application" caption="msg://de.diedavids.jmix.example.sidemenucontrol/menu.application">
        <item screen="themeSettingsScreen" caption="msg://"/>
    <menu id="administration">

        1. change item order
        <item screen="sec_RowLevelRoleModel.browse"

        2. remove items
        <item screen="ui_JmxConsoleScreen"/>

        3. change item caption
        <item screen="sec_ResourceRoleModel.browse"

        4. put item into administration
        <item screen="User.browse"

    4. put items to the top menu
    <item id="" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/"/>

    <menu id="reports" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/menu.reports">
        <item id="report_Report.browse" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/menu.report_Report.browse"/>
        <item id="report_ReportGroup.browse" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/menu.report_ReportGroup.browse"/>
        <item id="report_ShowChart.screen" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/menu.report_ShowChart.screen"/>
        <item id="report_ShowReportTable.screen" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/menu.report_ShowReportTable.screen"/>
        <item id="report_ShowPivotTable.screen" caption="msg://io.jmix.reportsui/menu.report_ShowPivotTable.screen"/>

Option 3: Side Menu API

The Side Menu component has an API to interact with. This way you can control everything that is displayed in there programmatically.

The code is normally executed in the Main Screen, where the Side Menu component is located.



@Route(path = "main", root = true)
public class MainScreen extends Screen implements Window.HasWorkArea {

    private SideMenu sideMenu;
    private MessageBundle messageBundle;
    private Notifications notifications;


    public void onGenerateMenuItemClick(Button.ClickEvent event) {
        final UUID randomId = UUID.randomUUID();
        final SideMenu.MenuItem helloWorld = sideMenu.createMenuItem("helloWorld" + randomId);

        helloWorld.setCaption(messageBundle.formatMessage("helloWorld", randomId));
        helloWorld.setCommand(menuItem -> {
                    .withCaption(messageBundle.formatMessage("hello", randomId))


I hope this helps.

Have a nice day!


Hi Mario,
Excellent! This was very helpful and also pointed me to the correct section in documentation. I am also very grateful for the sample code.

Thank you