Sometimes unable to input some characters

I first thought this would be some problem of my setup when I’m developing and testing my application but shortly one user told me that he also has this problem sometimes.
I know that this is quite unspecific but I have no idea what could be the trigger for that.

When I’m writing in my jmix application some characters like ‘e’ and ‘r’ aren’t working. So typing my first name end up with ‘ik’. In this case I type the text in another application like notepad and copy that to our jmix application.
It seems to be always the same characters and I will check exactly which characters are affected when it happens the next time.

The occurrence seems to be independent of the version of our application, as the user is using the current version for some time now without changes.

If you have any hint, how to get rid of that or how we could investigate further, we would appreciate that.

Hi @buchholz
The issue you describe looks rather strange to me. To be honest, I’ve never come across a case like that.
Let me try to reproduce the issue.
What OS version are you using?

Hi @y.konyashkina ,

thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s really strange.

In my case, my development environment I was using

  • Firefox 91.6.0 esr (64-bit)
  • and IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3
  • on virtual Debian 11.2
  • with openjdk version “11.0.14” 2022-01-18
  • over an VMWare
  • on Windows 10 Pro 21H2
  • which I was accessing over an rdp remote desktop over VPN.

My colleague who had the same problem propably uses

  • Firefox ESR
  • and Windows 10

but I have to check with him. Currently he is on vacation, so I’ll come back to you later.

The application runs on

  • Debian 11.2
  • with openjdk version “17.0.2” 2022-01-18


Hi @y.konyashkina ,

we have found that (on a german qwertz keyboard) it’s the following three characters:

  • ‘e’
  • ‘r’
  • ‘d’

All other characters are working as expected. We had the thought that perhaps it somehow could be a misleading shortcut. Do you think that’s possible on a StandardEditor?


Hi @buchholz

Interesting! Thank you for the additional information.
Let me install german keyboard layout and try to reproduce it, I think it could be a key moment in catching and resolving this bug.