Standard excel exporter does not set cell type correctly if column has NumberFormat

When we added ExcelExportAction (in form of jmix-ui-export library) to tables in our project, and started using it to export data, whe have noticed that it handles big decimal fields with NumberFormat annotation quite strange. It creates text cell with formatted value of actual number instead of numeric cell with number itself and provided format. So if upon getting excel sheet somebody decides that he needs to do things like calculating column total ore use other aggregation, he needs first manually turn cells into numeric ones they should be.

As far as debug shows, it is fault of AbstractTableExporter.getColumnValue that automatically formats number before cell type is defined in ExcelExporter.formatValueCell


Could you clarify which version of Jmix do you use? I’ve tried to reproduce in v1.1.3 without success. BigDecimal with @NumberFormat exported as numeric type.
Could you provide a steps to reproduce or share a small demo project where the issue is reproduced?

Sorry for slight desinformation, we seem to have found what exactly happened. Issue was caused by switching from annotations to autogeneration of formatter tags. When i now took to similar columns with BigDecimal values and replaced formatter and it’s generation with NumberFormat annotation it used to have, this collumn unloaded as number with format, while it’s neighbour, that still has formatter but not annotation was exported into text cells. It seems to be our problem, sorry for wasting your time