Studio Changelog Generation Error using imported entity

Dear Forum,

jmix studio gives me the following error using entities packaged in my own libraries. I try to separate functionality in my own “addons” / libraries and load them as a gradle dependency.

When starting the spring boot application, studio reports (dialog, not in gradle):

Changelog Generation Error
Entity org.somecompany.Entity
has no attribute applicable for table id column

The entity is quite normal and works fine, when defined directly in the jmix project.

@Table(name = “SOME_ENTITY”)
@Entity(name = “some_entity”)
open class SomeEntity {
@Column(name = “ID”, nullable = false)
var id: UUID? = null


Somehow the same thing works e.g. for io.jmix.[…].RoleAssignmentEntity or other addon entities.

Thank you very much.


(Work in progress)
This might be some Kotlin issue. I defined the entity as Java and did not get the error.

Hi Martin,

It’s difficult to say something without looking at the project.
In general, we are going to improve working with add-ons and composite projects (add-ons and apps in a single IDE project) in version 1.2 which will be available soon.


Hi Konstantin,

I must admit that I’m in love with Kotlin. So I tried to make a jmix plugin from pure Kotlin. It works quite well but leads to the forementioned error. Just pure jmix, nothing else.

My workaround is to have the entities as .java under src/main/java, which works and is ok.

I would be glad if we could use kotlin plugins sometimes. Studio only suggests plugins with java, so I’m quite on my own here.

Best regards,