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Hi JMIX team
I subscribed before JMIX formed and it is still valid. I guess my subscription status as per current definition is RAD. In my legacy version, I have used MapViewer which is no more available, moved to paid add-on. However, it is part of the Enterprise subscription. The enterprise subscription is very high when I only need one add-on i.e. Map. Is there any option that you can consider as we had before i.e. pay for a specific Add-on (one-time)?

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Hi @mortoza_khan

You can take a trial version from this site: Maps – Jmix
It will work 30 days.
Please chek that your project version is not lower than the ‘Latest Version’ mentioned on the addon page.

Hi @y.konyashkina
I know there is a trial version available which is valid for 28 days but I believe you understand what I am talking about exactly.

Hi @mortoza_khan,

We believe that the value of the add-ons included in the Enterprise plan is much higher than the price of the plan. Even after the pricing change the effort to introduce that functionality in Jmix is incomparable with the price. Moreover, we increase the value introducing new add-ons in the Enterprise plan such as Business Calendar and Notifications available from Jmix 1.2.

Still, we understand your considerations, that’s why we introduced transitional discounts for existing customers. As one of our earliest customers, you definitely qualify for it. With that discount you need to add only $450 to get access to the Enterprise plan for the next year. I think that price for the value can hardly be bargained.

Hi Mortoza,

This is not quite correct. The commercial Maps add-on has nothing common with the old MapViewer, which was an integration with Google Maps only. The new Maps add-on was created from scratch and provides much more features.

Instead of the commercial Maps add-on, you can use Google Maps almost as before through a custom UI component as explained in this example:

Use of JavaScript component option can be applicable to anything, there is nothing to do with this scenario. I know the commercial add-on is totally new with some additional functionalities and it works with OpenStreet (as example) but may I politely ask you please direct me to where is the MapViewer component in Jmix if nothing is correct in my post?

Anyways, I think none of us has time to debate here. I’m looking into how I can use the add-on in future!

I have created a brand new test project and trying to add map add-on but getting the following message


When I click on the Get Trial button I get no response.


Greetings Mortoza,

You can install the trial version of add-on Maps on the website by clicking Get trial.

If you have any problems with the installation via Safari browser, please try the Chrome browser.

it worked in Google Chrome.