Table Aggregation error in Jmix 1.3.1

Jmix 1.3.1:
I am receiving the following error when using aggregation in a table container:

IllegalStateException: Table container is not AggregationContainer: class

My code is as follows:

                <table id="itemsTable" dataContainer="itemsDc" width="100%" height="100%"
                       aggregationStyle="BOTTOM" reorderingAllowed="false" emptyStateMessage="No items exist"
                        <action id="remove" type="remove"/>
                        <column id="customerNo" collapsed="true"/>
                        <column id="customer"/>
                        <column id="orderNo"/>
                        <column id="invoiceNo"/>
                        <column id="invoiceSeqNo" collapsed="true"/>

                        <column id="invoiceValue" align="RIGHT">
                            <aggregation type="SUM"/>
                        <column id="invoiceDate"/>

                        <column id="inputField" align="CENTER"/>
                        <column id="comments" collapsed="true"/>
                        <column id="createdBy" collapsed="true"/>
                        <column id="createdDate" collapsed="true"/>
                        <button action="itemsTable.remove"/>

My code was working before I upgraded to Jmix 1.3.1
Is there a bug ?


This is a known issue and will be fixed in the very next bug fix release.