Table / DataGrid columns behavior


(1) is it possible to make the table or the datagrid resize functionality behave more like this example: jQuery Resizable Columns

Width always 100%, if I resize a column another column gets smaller and horizontal scrolling should never be necessary. Even better would be a relative resize of all other columns, when I resize one column.

(2) Related question. I know I can set the columns so they can’t be resized at all:

        <dataGrid id="dataGrid">
                <column property="amount" id="amount" resizable="false"/>
                <column property="country" id="country" resizable="false"/>
                <column property="description" id="description" resizable="false"/>
                <column property="taxInformation" id="taxInformation" resizable="false" />

That would also be fine, but the datagrid still requires horizontal scrolling if one of the columns has too much content. I want the datagrid to always use 100% of available screen width, not more. Maybe this one is easier to achieve then the resize also?


Unfortunately, the current Table/DataGrid resizing behavior can’t be changed.


any progress related to this topic?

I think there won’t be real updates regarding the UI components until Vaadin 23 is used.