Throwing a Message Event

I’m missing Throwing a Message Event (and many other event types found on this page) in the BPMN editor.

Is throwing these events possible only from code?

There is also not possible to specify process variables and/or business key for Message Start Event.

I recommended Jmix with BPM to my client after evaluating 4 other BPMN based tools. I’m implementing common process patterns in a test project before the client decides to purchase subscriptions.

The question whether a message can be thrown without code is important since it would enable business analysts to prepare an executable BPMN diagram without the help of programmers.

I have only 2 weeks left on my trial. I hope the missing events will be added to the BPMN editor since they are provided by the Flowable API :crossed_fingers:


Yes, Flowable only allows throwing Message events from code. As far as I know, there is no Message Intermediate Throwing Event model element. There is only Signal Intermediate Throwing Event that is supported in BPM add-on.

Message events is thrown programmatically only, you should provide variables and business key using the API.

You can use Service Tasks for starting a process by a message. Create some spring bean method that accepts message name, business key, etc. as arguments and invoke this service task whenever you need to start another process by sending a message.

Thank you for the explanation.

I was hoping that since Flowable is embedded in Jmix, Jmix would provide an editor and a wrapper around the Flowable API for throwing a Message Event.

It would enable business analysts to throw messages without the help of programmers.