Transaction Documentation

Hi all. I FINALLY Started a project JMIX. And so far so good.
One of the things that I was hard for me to learn in Cuba were transactions.

Is there a TransactionalDataManager?
Is the @Transactional annotation still working?
Does the DataManager work like the txDataManager?

Id love to find the solution to these questions but the documentation is not ready yet.
Transaction Management :: Jmix Documentation :frowning:

Could someone point me to some resources or post an example.
Thank you very much !!

Hi Eduardo,

We didn’t pay much attention yet to the transaction management in Jmix docs because it’s standard for Spring applications. You can use all of this:

  • @Transactional for declarative demarcation (same as in CUBA)
  • TransactionTemplate or PlatformTransactionManager for programmatic management

Jmix DataManager joins an existing transaction or starts a new one if there is no transaction currently (same as TransactionalDataManager in CUBA).