Tree item click action didnt work

If you double click on a tree, if the cursor is set to text or icon, the action does not work. I tried through setItemClickAction and through lookupSelectHandler. The action is called only if you press in the empty area item’a (left or right) or by the purpose of the key, which is not entirely convenient and understandable to the user.

does not work when treeIcon provider is installed.

@Install(to = “tree”, subject = “iconProvider”)
protected String treeIconProvider(TreeItem treeItem) {
return treeItem.getStatus();


Could you clarify what version of Jmix do you use?

I’ve tried to reproduce it on 1.1.2 but without success. The below code works fine:

private Tree<File> filesTree;
private Notifications notifications;

public void onInit(InitEvent event) {
    filesTree.setItemClickAction(new BaseAction("testAction")
            .withHandler(actionEvent -> {

@Install(to = "filesTree", subject = "iconProvider")
private String filesTreeIconProvider(File file) {
    return JmixIcon.ADN.source();

Thanks for the answer. Solved the problem using styles