Unable to load template while creating JMIX project

I’m using JMIX studio on Ubuntu and trying to creating a new project.
I seem like it wasn’t able to load JMIX template at the very first step.
Screenshot below:

Screenshot from 2021-06-18 23-19-13

Any idea would be much appreciated

It looks like you have problems with the internet connection - Studio is unable to load project templates.

You can give us more information by providing idea.log file (Help -> Show Log in File Manager).

@albudarov, Thanks for your answer.
You are right, that was a connection issue. I just didn’t notice it when I kept the focus on using the studio.

I left it running overnight and wake up with all the templates loaded.

For anyone later getting this kind of error, it could take a while to load the template for the first time you open studio.