Updated to jmix 1.0 and screens dont display in IDE

I updated and now I can not see my screen items. Everything is inside the scrollbox and the editActions, and it’s in the HTML, and it displays on the browse. but the IDE does not display anything

is there a way to view things? Did any settings change?
how do I et things back


Unfortunately, Jmix plugin 1.0 isn’t fully compatible with the Jmix framework 0.9 (mostly in the area of screen designer), so we recommend you migrate your projects to Jmix 1.0.0 as soon as possible.
Migration instructions are presented here: https://docs.jmix.io/jmix/1.0/whats-new/index.html#upgrade-from-0.9


I am already using 1.0.0

my project’s visual screen elements are not working in the IDE

This is the Jmix plugin version screenshot, but I am talking about Jmix framework - you need to update Jmix version in your project.

thank you!
I did that before but the ide didn’t actually go through with it, it got stuck a few times but I managed to get it on a 34th try