Use of Email template across addons in composite project

In my composite project, I have several add-ons that I have created. Now I want to use an email template add-on. I have added the emailTemplate add-on to my application but I am unable to set it in dependencies. How can I use the addon to more the main application and the add-on projects?

Hi Mortoza,

Could you clarify the problem? What steps should I perform to reproduce it?

Hi Konstantin
A simple scenario would be:
Say I have added Email Template addon from Marketplace. I want to created dependencies to one or more add-on. for example, how can I set dependency of “ap” and “ar” on email template?

Email template is an example, this can be applicable to any add-ons from the Marketplace.

I have the same question regarding adding addons in composite projects.

It seems they only can be installed in main app and not in addons (atleast dashboard). I tried with dashboard, it works when installed in main app but gives error when installed in sub-project as below-

Exception Description: Problem compiling [select e from dshbrd_PersistentDashboard e where e.isAvailableForAllUsers = true or e.createdBy = :currentUser]. 
[14, 40] The abstract schema type 'dshbrd_PersistentDashboard' is unknown.
[49, 73] The state field path 'e.isAvailableForAllUsers' cannot be resolved to a valid type.
[84, 95] The state field path 'e.createdBy' cannot be resolved to a valid type.

Please advice in case of composite projects how to work with addons, if they are used by multiple sub-projects?

PS-It seems addon have to installed on all sub projects and main app

To make an add-on available transitively to other dependent add-ons and an application, include the add-on from marketplace using the api dependency, for example:

    api 'io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-starter'
    api 'io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-rest-starter'
    api 'io.jmix.reports:jmix-reports-ui-starter'

We are going to make it a default behavior, see

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Thank you Konstantin.

I am getting following problem after adding addon from marketplace.

 > Could not find io.jmix.notifications:jmix-notifications-starter:1.3.3.
     Searched in the following locations:
     Required by:
         project : >

Please advice. What repository i should add?

Please see the installation instructions here: Notifications :: Jmix Documentation

Ok, got it - in addons the premium repository is to be added manually (in main app, it is being added automatically when addon is installed from marketplace.)

Hi! I have created a ticket for this problem, thank you.

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