Using REST API for user management and Authorization

Hello guys,
please I need your support for creating RUST API project for SSO purpose but by using API with sending username and password and return back tokenID which stored in Cuba Db.
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Could you explain your problem in more details? Also, what have you tried and what didn’t work for you?


Dear Konstantin,
Thank you so much for your reply!

My issue is that I have a mobile application developed by MS Xamarin using C# and I want to use CUBA - RUST API for login function but I’m facing difficulty to do that because of the lack of instruction.

Before I was trying to use Cuba IDP for SSO but I found that you are not anymore supporting this feature. So that I’m trying to use RUST API for the Login screen in our Mobile Application.

Please advise me on how I can develop an API for login in Cuba.
Please provide me with any document or consultation.

Best regards,

Hi, getting the access token is described in the documentation. What difficulties do you have with it?