Vadin 23 Message List and Message Input

Hi All,
Will the following components available in the next Jmix release in Q3 2022? otherwise is there plan to release them in the future?

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Note that in the upcoming Flow UI module for Jmix we don’t wrap Vaadin Flow components, i.e. we don’t hide their API by ours, so any Vaadin Flow component can be used programmatically along with our extensions.

  • Avatar - already has XML representation
  • Virtual List - currently it has no support for data binding using Jmix Data Components but this will be implemented in the future.
  • Message List and Message Input - currently we have no plans for a specific support for these components, but they can be used programmatically without any restrictions.


Thanks Gleb. Much appreciated. It’s great that we can at least use them programmatically.

Do we need to manually migrate to the new framework (Vaadin 23) when its released or can we use them along with the old project so the old component’s look and feel will automatically change to the new version?

Flow UI module is a separate module, so you’ll be able to have two UIs at the same time.

Automatic migration is impossible due to changes in Vaadin:

  • Vaadin 23 uses Polymer and Lit Elements for client-side, Vaadin 8 uses GWT.
  • Different set of UI Components, e.g. there is no TabSheet, Calendar, GroupTable components that are widely used in Jmix apps.
  • Because of using Web components on client-side, i.e. using Shadow and Light DOM, styling is different.
  • Some components changed their type, e.g. ListBox is no longer a field, instead it’s a lightweight, scrollable, single-column list.
  • and more…

We will look into it in order to provide the smoother way of migration to a new UI module, but I can’t give any promises.


Thanks Gleb

Are we able in the beginning to leave the whole UI in vaadin 8 and exchange screen by screen to vaadin 23? (I fear not…)

That is very good question. We will make a research in this direction, e.g. Vaadin provides Multiplatform Runtime (MPR) which makes it possible to run applications and components written with Vaadin 7/8 inside a Vaadin 10+ Flow application. But MPR is available starting from Vaadin Prime subscription, so we can’t include it into Jmix licence and it has limitations. For now I can’t say is it applicable to Jmix applications.

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