Validation Failed: 1 change sets check sum

Working on a project i got the updated code from a shared git repository.
There where some differences related to the database so while running the application Jmix i have done the following steps:

  1. First Time running application “Delete and proceed” → Had some errors related to some date field default value constraint.

  2. Second Time unning application “Execute and proceed” → Had the checksum error below


3)Tried doing the “Reload All Gradle Projects” but the error persists.

What can be the cause of the error ?
How can i fix it ?

Thank you,

Hello Matar,

Please provide your Jmix framework and Studio version (copy from Welcome page in Studio), as well as database type and version.

In general, this error occurs if a changelog with the same name has already been executed in the database, and now it’s changed in the application source code, so Liquibase warns you about it.

We have made a few enhancements in the Studio lately, for example and so it’s important to use the latest version.