View Action with composite key


We have view entity which have composite embeddedId key.

        @AttributeOverride(name = "pnlId", column = @Column(name = "PNL_ID")),
        @AttributeOverride(name = "personId", column = @Column(name = "PERSON_ID"))
    private RelatedPersonViewCompKey id;

Our purpose is to use it on table with view action for another Screen

<table id="relatedLegalPersons"
        <action id="view" type="view" caption="msg://pnlBrowse.viewAction">
                <property name="openMode" value="NEW_TAB"/>
                <property name="screenClass"

But when we select an item we are recieving
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: You have attempted to set a value of type class com.fsc.common.addon.entity.view.relatedpersons.key.RelatedPersonViewCompKey for parameter entityId with expected type of class java.lang.Long from query string select e from Pnl e where = :entityId
Keep in mind that PnlView screen can be invoked from another screens.
Is there a way that I can thell which Id to use from the CompositeKey in the query.

Best Regards,
Dzhuliyan Ovcharov

Hi Dzhuliyan,

Could you provide a small test project?
It would save us a lot of time for reproducing the issue.