YARG Framework Development

Hi Team,

Is YARG reports framework is actively developed? Last release is 3 years ago.

I am interested to use the YARG framework. Would you please help me to know the current YARG development & release and support state.

Thanks for open sourcing the YARG report framework.


YARG is the core of the Jmix Reporting add-on and it’s actively supported. We have no plans for stopping its development.

Not exactly :slight_smile:
Look at the releases page: https://github.com/cuba-platform/yarg/releases


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Thank you Konstantin. Happy to hear.

As per Maven repository, last release happened in 2018 wit the version 2.0.12.


Any plans to release latest versions into Maven.

You are able to include the YARG library into your project using the Nexus repository https://repo.cuba-platform.com/content/groups/work. See https://github.com/cuba-platform/yarg/blob/master/README.md

Unfortunately, we have no plans to publish it into the Maven Central repository.

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Sounds good. Thank you for the information.