Main Menu customization

Hi, i’m new to jmix and I’d like to know if there’s a way to customize (translate or hide options) the Administration section of the drawer

Hi Grrman

Items in the SideMenu will be hidden automatically if the user does not have the required rights.
You just need to set up user roles for your case.


There is a project here with packages of Jmix localization keys for different languages.
If there is no desired language, then you can independently translate the necessary elements.
For example, we search the repository for a localized message ‘JMX console’.
Localized messages for menus are in the ‘menu-config’ package.


Now just place the key in your project in the Message Bundle and specify your translation.


Also, you can have a complete control over your menu structure if you switch to the Single mode in the menu designer:


since there was lately a similar question I thought I re-share here my comment. Feel free to take a look at: Setup individual sidemenu - #2 by mario


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Thanks to all for the replies!