Simple Question for Report


I used to use JasperReports for reporting, and indeed is the engine I use for another app developed with CUBA, with very good results.

Now I am approaching development of reports in JMIX with the Reports Addon. Via wizard I am able to create a very basic report aiming to print a list of entities. Now I want to extend this initial report by including some header information from a preselected entity. Find attached my approach in the docx template.

I am trying to do a basic header where I can print context information. This however is surprisingly difficult. I have tried to reach guiding information in the documentation or elsewhere, with no luck. Apparently there’s not a detailed manual on how to develope reports as there is for other platform features. Anyway, what I am trying to do is so basic. But not so obvious to attain.

As a first step, I have tried to mimic the logic for an “Entity” report and mix it in my combined report, but no luck. Have tried adding bands, etc… parameter names and values seem to be correct.

Please provide help.

Template for report Report for entity Apunte.docx|attachment (12.1 KB)

I am developing an accounting application.


Sorry found the solution. Was not incorporating the band name as part of the parameter call in the template. Finally found the solution by reading the CUBA documentation.